Glass-free 3D Contents


   3D technology principle is to make people to have a stereoscopic effect in the brain via a series of optical methods to make a parallax between left and right eye based on physiological and physical characters of human eyes.

    Adapting self-built fine mold, multi-view HD rendering, combined with shade and perspective principle, abundant 3D contents processing experience and various methods matching Thredim hardware and software products, we will show you a glass-free 3D contents perfectly.


1)High definition;

2)N times Out of the screen;

3)High resolution;

4)Long out of screen distance

    Application domains

1)Advertisements casting;

2)New product introduction;

3)Enterprise exhibition hall;

4)Science & technology education and popularization

    Demo case:

    As shown in the left, the two pictures are advertisement videos in gridview with high quality. The glass-free 3D effect is shown through Thredim hardware and software processing.

BIM Digital Exhibition

   Navigation path, scenarios switch and perspective switch script can be preset in display model.

   Loading resources from the local and clouds according to the actual situation, reliable and smooth docking between the background database and sensor, visualized data for all dimensions and real-time early warning in business mode.

   It could realize customized interface styles, the third-party application interface embed and monitoring screen, etc. Web version is available for displaying at cross-platform terminals as well as 2D/3D display mode switch freely.


      1)Real-time 3D mode rendering;

2)Digital mode import during runtime;

3)Database access and all information 3D display;

4)Smart sensor access;

5)Video streaming access;

6)External application access;

7)Fire exit and the rescue guidance;

Application domains

      1)Commercial plaza digital property management;

      2)Smart community management;

      3)Smart campus management;

      4)Large-scale project(construction, hydraulic engineering, tunnel&bridge, management

Demo case

What the picture shown is Beidou power project. It interfaces the BIM digital display system with the external temperature sensor, carbon dioxide sensor, camera, smoke sensor and property system to achieve real-time monitor and refine & unmanned property management.

Digital Exhibiiton Display

   The 3D graphics engine enables users to view the display object in various angle and all directions and display the objects from outline to details. Photorealistic rendering from the fine mode precast, light, texture and material perspectives, real-time displaying the delicate texture of object and structured D visual hierarchy provide users glorious experience and immersive sense. Play mode, interaction mode, and free switch of 2D/3D mode are also available.


   Function overview

1)Scenario navigation;              

2)Automatic patrol;                      

3)Multiple view angles;                  

4)Multiple color matching;               

5)Interaction with Phone and PC      

6)Text and audio guide;

7)Self-help selection;

8)Model import;

9)Deep 3D interaction;

10)Interactions with air mouse, gestures, kinect, voice, gamepad, multi-screen etc.

         Application domains

1)Science and technology museum;

2)Digital museum;

3)Sample house;

4)Science and technology education & popularization;

5)Products exhibition;

6)House decoration & furniture display;

7)Large equipment display;

8)Luxury products display.

Demo case

  As the show in the left:

  It’s a digital exhibition in museum scenario. The first picture is scenario navigation to view of the whole museum; the second picture is the display of single object with rolling text description.

Education Teaching

Thredim education solution includes 3 modules: intelligent classroom, school security education and resource public service platform. It provides sophisticated solution for schools and creates the completed chain from display terminal to content processing tool.

Intelligent classroom will promote students’ involvement with interestingness, standardize education resources and visualize the knowledge via 2D/3D education resources, multi-media assistance and human-computer interaction.

School security education will enhance students’ awareness of security and self-protection via safety knowledge instruction in classrooms and loop display of safety education videos on large splicing screens. The scientific and rigorous contents of those knowledge and videos with topic-prominence and combination of real cases and creative ads nearly cover all the grounds.

Resource public service will improve education quality from multi-dimensions as well as motivate interest via education video, audio, courseware and 3D model of virtual laboratory.


1)Syllabus-oriented with  standardized resources

2)Human-machine interaction& convenient operation

3)Efficient & stable, safe &reliable

4)Improve education efficiency and quality

5)Good compatibility & resource sharing

6) Even education resource distribution

Application Domains


2)Primary school

3)Middle school, special secondary school

4)Senior high school, secondary vocational technical school

5)Universities &colleges, adult school

6)Physics, chemistry and biology laboratory (research institute)

Demo case

      A school laboratory uses Thredim 3D computer system for reality space reconstruction to bring students a shock experience from the VR device.

      On the history class, the system reproduced the evolution and extinction of the cretaceous dinosaurs, the evolution of human beings and the movement of the plate movement.

      A small pen can enable the students to interact with the system in immersive way and study the history through roleplay and games.

Medical applications


         Realize application in medical field via immersive educational software developed from 3D modeling and real-time graphics engine rendering, interaction input the devices and glass-free 3D terminal.

Interaction methods

1) Scenarios scaling;

2) View angle switch;

3) Combination and decomposition;

4) Interference caution;

5) Paths warning;

6) Keyboard and mouse, trackball, gesture and   body feeling, 3D dynamic capture;

Application domains

1)Video files for medical education;

2)Interactive medical teaching;

3)Medical surgery replay;

4)Surgery real-time monitoring

      Demo case:

As shown in the pictures, it is a real-time monitoring of the endoscopic surgery as well as the observation and consultation outside the operation room.

Creative art design

          Cultural creativity industry covers a lot of ground. Modern cultural creativity industry generally creates and improves cultural resources with cultural element via technology. Thredim provides reengineering-oriented and sophisticated solutions for this industry relying on the profound technical accumulation of software and hardware and creates the completed chain from display terminal to content processing tools.

          Solutions to pain spots

1)Augmented reality and contents merging;     

2)Create new artistic effect;

3)Improve contents editing efficiency;

4)Creative display of electronic technology;

5)Restore a 3D world experience;

 Application objects

1)Animation company;

2)Game production company;

3)Late producer of film and television;

4)Architecture/civil engineer;

5)Industry designer;

          Demo case

    When Modelers and art designers use modeling software to do3D design, they probably prefer to get what’s been shown and instant modification & display, but not wasting time of running between suppliers. Even 3D print could not satisfy them due to cost, time and reducibility.

    Thredim recommends a picture processing station connecting 2D+glass-free 3D double-screen scheme. For 3D screen, we design a perfect barrier parameter accurately based on screen size, resolution and user distance and utilize the full laminated lens to improve the surface flatness; the 2D screen is selected according to the viewport proportion of the modeling software and the required grey digit to ensure a best display of details.


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