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After sales policy

Ningbo Thredim Optoelectronics Co. Ltd. (Thredim for short hereinafter) provides this warranty to initial purchaser (“you”) on any significant materials or process defects for its products or accessories it sold. The warranty period is a certain period from the initial purchase date stipulated in the appendix during which you should take the product purchased for normal use.

Repair done by Thredim or its authorized agencies under this “limited warranty” (“warranty service policy”) is applying for the remaining maturity of original warranty period or 1 year since the warranty effective date (take the sales agreement effective date as the criterion).

This warranty policy only applies for new products purchased from Thredim or its authorized agencies.

Limited warranty is only applicable to you and not transferable.

Any retailor or other third party or agency is unentitled to make any statement or modify this “limited warranty” on behalf of Thredim.

Thredim display system shares 1 year warranty since the initial purchase date. Damages caused by personal factors or natural disasters, like scratch or other appearance of damage, deliberate damage or abuse or normal wear, are not in the limited warranty scope.

For customers who are shielded by customer protection laws or regulations in purchasing country or living country (if it is not the purchasing country), they will share all of the rights and remedial measures entitled by those laws and regulations as well as the rights stipulated in this policy. You may consult relevant laws in your states, provinces and countries to fully understand your legal rights.

If you raise effective claim per this policy, Thredim or its authorized service agency will provide following measures per circumstances:

1. Repair;

2. Replace by new product.

Per services listed in this limited warranty, claim could only be done in purchasing countries/districts; other services could be done per options for applied countries or districts.

Following conditions are not in warranty scope unless caused by materials or process defects:

1. Normal loss caused by normal ageing (including parts predicted to be aging per time, like battery, LED light source or protective coating);

2. Appearance damage, including scratch, dirt and crack;

3. Damage caused by accessories or software unauthorized by Thredim;

4. Damage out of rational control by Thredim, including following damage:

4.1. Accidents, abuse or mistake

4.2. Operate the product out of stipulated purposes in user manual, quick start guide, online tutorials and other files;

4.3. Incorrect storage and treatment (e.g., place the product under extreme temperatures), abuse or negligence (e.g., connectors or ports fractured or bent); shock damage (e.g., product falling off);

4.4. Damages caused by touching liquid, water, rain, extreme humidity or other humidity, sand, food, dust or similar materials (except components used to proof materials referred above), but only limit to correctly installed protective components or this type of protective components damage or lost, or place products in conditions out of the stipulated parameters or restriction; or caused by flood, fire, earthquake, tornado or other irresistible natural disasters.

5. Unauthorized services: defects or damages caused by repair, test, debug, installation, maintenance, change or tampering by people or units other than Thredim or its authorized agencies.

6. Products modified by any means without written allowance by Thredim, including:

6.1. Serial number or other manufacturing code has been removed, changed or damaged;

6.2. Serial number mismatching or duplicating;

6.3. Seal label damaged or there is other tampering sign;

6.4. Function or capacity has been modified or signs been shown attempting to do such modifications.

Warning on unlocking guide loading program or software changing operation system: changing product operation system will cause permanent damage on your product. It will make it unsafe and (or) cause malfunction which might result in damage. Unless Thredim has special illustration, this kind of situation is out of this warranty scope.

7. Product defects, damages or malfunctions caused by any unauthorized refitting.

8. Software embedded, downloaded or enclosed.

In scope of applicable law, Thredim clearly refused any statutory or implied guarantee, including but not limited to: merchantability guarantee and all guarantees applicable for certain purposes, non-infringement and all hidden or potential defects; Thredim will not make guarantee that products or software operation under this limited warranty conform to your requirements; no guarantee that there is no suspend or no mistake when use any hardware, software or third party service together or information, data, software or application programs missing risks; no guarantee that defects of products or software could be corrected under condition that this type of statutory or implied guarantee could not be exempted. To the fullest extent permitted by law, duration of all guarantee will only limited to clearly stipulation in this policy. Remedial measures decided by Thredim as repair, change or refund will be regarded as the only remedial measures that clients could share. Dealers, intermediary business, distributors or agencies and their employees and salesman are unentitled to make oral or written statements to create extra obligations, enlarge guarantee scope or modify clauses in this limited warranty policy by all means.

In applicable law scope, Thredim clearly refused to undertake contract, infringement or other legal form (including negligence) obligations due to following loss or damage: damage value over purchase price; any indirect, accidental, special or any type of dependency damages; income or profit loss; business loss; business suspension; commercial opportunity loss; goodwill loss; reputation loss; loss, damage or destruction of information, data software or application programs (including cost related with recovery, program design or information, data, software or application stored in Thredim products for supportive purpose); privacy or references loss due to improper storage; or other financial loss caused by services provided in this limited warranty.

Thredim possesses the final interpretation and modification rights on this policy to the fullest extent permitted by the law.

If there is any variance between English version and Chinese, take the Chinese as the criterion. 

You are welcome to reach us via our customer service hotline: +86 0574-88127692

Common problems

Q: Q:What’s the difference between glass-free 3D and the 3D with glasses?


    It’s really inconvenient when you wear something on your nose, especially for those who wear glasses already.

    What’s more, no matter polarized light, shutter release or normal red-blue glasses, it’s unavoidable of screen brightness decline and difficult to watch details in darkness or under condition of low image contrast.

    Because it is impossible to completely eliminate the low frequency component of the modulation signal for shutter device way, people will feel the flashing which may lead to visual fatigue if watching for long time.

    Red-blue glass has impact on visual health because of the asymmetrical stimulation by different wavelength light.

Q: Q: What’s the suitable distance for watching?


   Different products have their own watching distances according to different occasions: for pad, phone and other terminal devices, the best view distance is 30-50cm; and for advertisement player it is 2m-5m.

    We offer a best view distance for every series of product as well as certain tolerance ranges front and back. Far away from the best view distance may led to poor stereo effect and moirés.

Q: Q: Why we feel dizziness when watch the glass-free 3D contents?


    This is related to 3D hardware design, process quality and contents displayed.

    People will see obvious ghosting and feel visual dizziness if the monitor has serious crosstalk.

    Some glass-free 3D monitor has narrow visual angle. If you were just in the “bad” area you might feel dizzy because of the improper space parallax.

    Also, the out screen level should be appropriate when processing the 3D contents. Otherwise the convergence effect of human eyes may cause wider convergent angles or inconsistency of parallax relations and other 3D psychological feeling relations. All these could lead to uncomfortable feelings.

Q: Q: How can I get the 3D content?


    There are 3 ways to get 3D videos generally: modeling & rendering, transforming from2D and shooting.

We provide diversified solutions targeting at customers, cooperation suppliers and individual developers.

    There are many 2 view points stereo films and videos available in internet for download and most of them are left&right format. Besides, there are also special formats like up&bottom, red&blue which are compatible with our 3D player for local and online playing.

Beyond that, as VR industry is getting booming nowadays, there are so many VR contents emerging constantly, which also can be played on our player via certain transformation.

    Moreover, we have plug-ins for normal modeling software and development engines targeting at industries with 3D modeling objects, such as industry design, anime game etc. so that it will be convenient to make contents displayed on glass-free 3D monitors.

We also developed player with proprietary IP rights which could transform 2D resources to 3D and picture editor app (cutout, depth distraction) to meet different demands.

     In stereo shooting, we offer 2 view points and multi view points shooting schemes as well as single camera static target stereo video solution with low cost.

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